Madyley of Mayhem

All shows postponed

Dear BashHeads!
We hope all of you are doing well and are healthy. These times surely are crazy and difficult for many of us.
The corona virus left the live entertainment industry with big damages and no one knows when we can go back to "normal". Many artists are suffering under the regulations and so do we. But we wouldn't be the Bash if we would give a shit. What we are doing is just keep going. We take the regulations extremely serious, because our and the health of our visitors have the highest priority. Nevertheless we want to go back on tour and we need to go back on tour. And so it will be.
Surely, an interactive show like The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash, where it is part of the show to be in direct contact with our audience, won't be easy to produce with those regulations, we will continue promoting our shows.
So. How will it look like?!
As mentioned above, we take our responsibility for you people and our crew very serious and we will of course follow the regulations. That means we will have new live show concepts for each regulation in every state. This tour no one will stand ringside to clap the mat and our dancing girls won't  pour booze in your face. But we promise to make it a fun night as usual under the circumstances given.

Unlike other artist we will NOT increase our ticket pricing. Pricing will stay the same, depsite the fact that we won't be able to sell as much tickets as we usually do. But that is how we are and you know it. Therefore we would be very gratefull if you could spend some extra cash at the merchandising so we can take some profit home to keep going.
It will be different this year. Maybe also next year. But we will go back to crazy anytime soon that's for sure.

The next tour is called "Madley Of Mayhem" and we will show you our fave stage designs from the past years and deliver you a ride through the insanity that we'd shown before, to melt it down to one masterpiece of absolute terror. Awesome.

Please click here to see the new updated tour schedule.

Please come to our shows. Please stand with us. Please stay safe.

Your The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash Crew!